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Black Quill

Issue 31
January/February/03 XXXVI
Shire of Ravensweir
Quesnel, BC

Cerridwen's Concoctions

Greetings Good Gentles of Ravensweir,

First off, I would like to give a mighty Huzzah for the Lady Rowan, not only a fabulous seneschal, but a great friend. I am very happy to see her continuing on in the SCA, for I think the society would be a much poorer place for her absense. I wish her well in the office of Exchequer.

Secondly... I thknk you all for your overwhelming confidence in selecting me as your next seneschal. I will endeavor to do the best job that I can, with all of Ravensweir's help.

So, on that note, a couple o ideas.... We are talking of a "Freak the Mundanes" night, more info on that to come. Plus I would like to see an effort on building up a prize and gift base for visitors and evens. So, anyone have any ideas for anything else they would like to see done???? Let me know as I'm always open for new ideas. I can be reached at or 250 963-9648 so reach out and touch your seneschal, bribes are always accepted *wink*.

In Merry Service,

From the Chronicler

Greetings and Salutations, First I would like to apologize to everyone for the absence of our last newsletter, things were a little hectic around here.

Just to let everyone know at out fall event milord Erik Skerlenger became our new rapier Champion.

I would like to say thank-you to all of you who joined us at the last event. Unfortunately it was a small turn out, although we had friends join us from out of town. A special thank you to all our friends from lands not our own who attended and participated.

I would lie everyone to a loud and boistrous Huzzah to out Webminister as he has been working hard to keep it up to date. And often times his work goes unrecognized and forgotten. And frequently it is an arduous task that is more time than not so frustratin and unrewarding. So Huzzah to Lord Doughal for a job well done.

If anyone wants to see something in this newsletter than you must let me know. If any of you would like o have something published here you should send it to me, my email in on the officer list on the front page. This is your chance to say something and get involved like you always wanted too.

Please, those of you who weren't at the last meeting make note of all officer changes on the officer list. Congratulations to all of out new officers. I hope to see all your faces at out monthly meetings and socials. It looks like a fun time will be had by all.

Yours in service
Lady Rowena

Eskya's Corner

If you were twelve:

If you were twelve and a girl in the middle ages, you would probably be planning your marriage. Your father would have chosen your husband back when you were seven. You would be putting your education to use and starting your own family by the times you were fourteen.

If you were twelve and a boy in the middle ages you may become and apprentice. You would go to live with a craftsman who would teach you the craft. You would learn this trade for about six years when you would become a journeyman. A journeyman could earn more money with his trade without his master's supersvision. After a few years, you could start your own shop and teach some apprentices.

If you were a twelve year old boy who liked school and did well in school, you could be planning to go to college. You would start college at fifteen or sisteen and go for four years.

Even though it seems that boys had more choices with what to do with their lives, they were really born into it. What a boy grew up to be depended on the station of his father.

A boy could get married at fifteen. So if you were fifteen in the middles ages, you would be starting a family of your own.....

From the Mistress of Arts and Sc
Greetings good Gentles,
This will be the last time that I will greet you as mistress of Arts and Sciences as I have passed that honor to a very capable new comer that has recently joined us.

First I would like to say thank you to the people that made an effort and entered something in our first ever Arts and Sciences Competition. Our new Champion is HL Cerridyn who entered three different kinds of mead and as well as some beautiful cross stitch pieces. A much deserved Huzzah HL Cerridwyn, for a job well done.

We will be having monthly socials as well as monthly meetings to keep everyone informed and interest piqued during the winter season. The meetings will be held alternating between the first Wednesday and the first Friday. In March we would like to have a social, "Freak out the Mundanes" which will be a strickly adult gathering.

It has been a pleasure to serve as the Mistress of A&SC and I hope that I will not disappoint you, the people of the wonderful Shire, as your new Chronicler.
Lady Rowena

Lamenting with Lasilana

Salutations Gentle Folk.
Much has happened in our fair shire as of late --- many of out officers have changed hands and of course we had the wonderful celebration we call Yule.

Huzzah to Arilynn for taking over Arts and Sciences --- ad thank you to Lady Rowena for holding two offices for such a long times. Congrats to our new herald, Bladric and new Exchequer, Lady Rowan --- and of course a fond farewell to Lady Rowan who served out shire gallantly. Thank you.

As we begin preparation for our new season --- we should remember that help and aide are appriciated --- her Ladyship Sigrid and Lady Rowena and of course Lord Arden can always use a hand.

I look forward to attending out new monthly meetings and socials I hope to see you all soon. Thank you for your support and remember to congratulate out friends on their new appointments.

Lasilana Danica Trifunoa Clannad MacGowan.


Long ago in a kingdom on the West Coast, there was a small tourney. (This tourney was the first "Make-A-Wish Tourney that I have ever attended.) The Foundation had brought a small eight-year-old boy in a wheelchair to the event. It was his "heart's desire" that he should be "King for a Day." As with all who qualify for this foundation, he was dying. He had cancer of the brain and the doctors had given him 2-3 months more to live. He was wheelchair-bound, and on medication, but much more alert than most expected. His cute brown hair and bog eyes seemed to eat up everything he saw!

The day was beautiful-not overly hot-and the skies were clear. The populace had crafted a crown, a scepter, and a cloak for "His Majesty". As we stood and bowed as he was brought down the center aisle for Opening Court, the wind picked up and sent the banners snapping in the breeze. Two knights attended His Majesty as well as his Mother, who walked behind. Her eyes were misty as she watched total strangers giving her son his dying wish. During Opening Court the combatants for the day came foreward and pledged their fights to His Majesty's honor. Without prompting, he smiled, thanked them, and wished them well. He was grown up in his manners and speech. Everyone's heart caught in their throats.

Towards the end of the day, "His Majesty's" attendant requested an audience with the Knight's Council and the King (ours). At the council meeting, one of the knights requested that, as this small child had throughout the day shown bravery, honor, chivalry, and courtesy, he should be knighted by our King for real. This knight offered his own belt for the lad, another cames forward and offered his chain, still another offered his spurs, and finally, the last knight who came forward offered his "dagger" to serve as a sword fir the new knight. There was one of the older knights who objected, saying that "they couldn't possibly knight this boy, who first was not a member of the Society, and who secondly wasn't even a fighter!" But as out King pointed out, the child was dying and wouldn't live to grow up to be a fighter, but that he had been fighting this disease all of his life and had been able to be courteous through it all! The older knight sat down. Also, the King continued saying, that he himself had also watched the lad, and indeed he could attest to his bravery, for he never showed any discomfort to anyone. At closing court, His Majesty was knighted! Those attending court cried, those knights who gave up their own items cried, and the day ended. But this is not the end of the story. Nine or ten months later, his Mother came to an event. She wanted to "thank us" for making her son's last days so happy and to let us know that the doctors had credited the Society and it's actions with prolonging the child's life. She also said that when things got really bad, he never cried because he said, "Real knights had to be brave and since he was a real knight now, he had to brave, too." Also, she wanted us to know that he died with his belt, chain, and spurs on, holding his sword. She had buried him with the sword, belt and chain, but wanted to return the spurs to the knight was had donated them. The knight in question rose and knelt before this lady, [saying] "I was an honor, My Lady, to count your son as one of us." He told her, "Your son has taught us all the true meaning of bravery. Please keep the spurs as a rememberance of him, and the honor he did us all." Many years have come and gone since this Make-A-Wish Tourney, but I still remember the generosity of the SCA and its ability to touch the everyday world.

(I hope this qualifies for a positive story. It has certainly touched my life and inspired me. I hope it does you.)
Mags Margarette Rose

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