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Black Quill

Issue 24
September/October/01 XXXVI
Shire of Ravensweir
Quesnel, BC

Rowan's Ramblins

Warmest greetings good gentles,
It has been a quiet few months as we all settle in, after our busy summer, for the long winter's white. I realize that there is little to report, but please, even if you just drop a note and say "hi", do make your report on or (better yet) before November 1st. I look forward to seeing you all at the Artimis/Tatiana workshop event on the 10th and 11th of November. Huzzah to Gwydion for arranging to have Artimis and Tatiana travel to our fair Shire and share their abundant talents! Be well and glad good friends,

From the Mistress of Arts & Sciences
Greetings and Salutations,

I would like to encourage the folk of this great shire to work on research and development of their various personas. I personally feel that if we can develop our personas that some of the magic that has been either lacking or non-existent will return, as our personas would not talk about certain things such as computers or television. I can understand that this to some (myself included) that this can be a great undertaking, but this being the winter season and all, there are less events to occupy our time, this would be an excellent time to do the research required. So let's bone up on our reading skills and get some awesome personas developed for the next season of events.

From the Chronicler,

I wonder if many out there know how unusual this Shire is? Here there are no hidden agendas and no vicious rumour mill. Any difference of opinion is just that - a difference. There is no one here who is afraid to go to another member with a question or concern. I've never been privileged to know a more adult group. With all that is going on in the world, it warms my heart to look at you - and it gives me hope.
Thank you

Tentative Calendar
November 10,11        Artemis' Workshop           Ravensweir
November 17           Sing for your Supper        Cai Mor
December 1            Yule                        Cold Keep
December 15           Tavern                      Ravensweir
February 16           Feast of Hearts             Ravensweir
March 16              Ides of March               Cold Keep
Mar 31-Apr1           Rogues Rebel                Tir Bannog
May 25                CK Heavy Champions          Cold Keep
June 14-16            Spring Murder with the      Ravensweir
                      Heffelumps & Woozels
July1st wknd          Fields of Gold              Tir Bannog
Sept 14-15            The Dreaming                Tir Bannog
October 12            Samhain                     Cold Keep
October 27            St. Crispins                Tir Bannog
December 17           Yule                        Ravensweir

Artemis' Northern Workshop

Greetings good gentles,
It has been confirmed...Maestro Artimis is coming to Ravensweir!! The workshop event will go ahead as planned. Classes will start at 9:00a.m. on Saturday November 10th. We will play until 5:00, when we will partake of a potluck dinner followed by a casual and discretely wet Tavern. Classes begin again at 9:00 on Sunday and will run until 2:30. The site of this workshop is the Masonic Temple 514 Front Street Quesnel, BC. The Temple is located at the corner of Front Street (Hwy 97) and Shepherd Avenue. It is across Hwy 97 from the old section of the Quesnel Hospital and across Shepherd from the Husky store. The hall is in the basement of the building.
For more information, email Rowan at or call Rowan/Brenda at 250-992-7265.

Following is a list of the classes which Artimis and his lovely lady, Tatiana, are prepared to offer. There is, of course, no way that we could get through ALL of these in just eleven and a half hours of workshop, so...any of you have not yet done so, please let us know which ones you would prefer to take part in. We will then determine the most popular classes, finalize the offerings and post a completed list. We need to know as soon as possible so that Artimis and Tatiana have sufficient time to prepare class materials.

Persona Research and Development -- lecture and discussion class focusing on researching, creating, and using a persona in the SCA. Emphasis on using primary sources and everyday histories to create a persona. (3 hours)

Intro to the SCA -- an overview course detailing how the SCA is organized, and why it works the way it does. (2 hours)

Embellishing Fabric Affordably -- overview of period fabric embellishment techniques usable for such applications as garb, banners, and pavilions. Emphasis such techniques as painting, layered trims, cording, stamping (block-printing), and other techniques. (2 hours)

Period Feastware and Feasts -- overview of period eating utensils and feasts; lecture course covers the customs and traditions of Western European feasting, as well as presenting an identification guide for modern feastware that "looks period." (2 hours)

Marshalling Authorization: Armoured (Heavy)/Rapier/Light Combat -- actually three separate classes. Each one runs 2 hours in length, and is designed to give the basic knowledge necessary for junior-and-senior-level marshal authorizations.

Rapier Combat Practicum: Basic inglesword/Shieldwork/Dagger/ Melee Tactics/Advanced Combat -- active combat courses, each two hours in length. Bring all appropriate rapier combat gear.

An Tir History 101 -- an overview course of the history and customs of An Tir. (2 hours)

Tournament and War Design -- creating and running enjoyable combat events based upon period models and inspirations. Detailed discussion on combat event layout and logistics. (2 hours)

Noble Pirates and Privateers -- a lecture course detailing the nobility that took up the life of piracy, and still were welcome in polite society. (2 hours)

Hope to see you all soon,
Rowan, Seneschal, Ravensweir
and Gwydion, Master of Blades, Ravensweir and workshop autocrat

(editors note - the above copy has been rendered moot by the unforseen cancellation of this event. It was decided to leave the copy in this form as this is how it appeared in our published newsletter - Issue 24)

Sing For Your Supper

Greetings m'lords & ladies,

It is my great honor to inform you that, as of last eve, we have confirmation that Their Majesties, Aveloc & Mahliqa, will be making every effort to attend "Sing for Your Supper" in Cai Mor on the 17th of November. (event copy below)

In order to assist Their Majesties to make this "Great Northern Trek" we have begun raising funds to help pay for flights. Both Cai Mor & Tir Bannog (we thank our neighbors for their great support in this) have earmarked funds & some branch members have made personal donations. Anyone else interested in helping Their Majesties to come north are welcome to contact me to make donations. Please come out & join us & Their Majesties!!

Sing For Your Supper

Greetings from the Incipient Shire of Coil Mor.
Come join us in raising your voices in song and story for the third annual"Sing for your Supper" potluck feast. This is at a DRY site. This is a participation bardic event. This is a potluck, so each person bring enough to feed 6 people. IF you perform for us, your site fee remains at the pittance of $2.00. (Groups are welcome.) HOWEVER if you do not want to perform, the site fees are as follows :

Children under 7 - no site fee.
Children 7 to 11 - $4.00
Youths 12 to 16 - $8.00
Adults 17 & over - $12.00
Potluck contributions should be made by the list following based on the first letter of your 21st century first name:

A - F Deserts
G - L Main Course
M - R Side Dish
S - Z Soup or Salad

United Church, 1180 Kingfisher, Kitimat, BC

Make your best way to Prince George. Turn onto Highway 16 West. Drive for a long time (approximately 7 hours). At the Terrace weigh scales (intersection of Highways 16 & 37) turn left onto Highway 37. Drive for another 45 minutes or so. You have now reached Kitimat. Go across the bridge, up the hill, past the cemetery, past the apartments (if you go down a big hill, you've gone too far...), turn right onto Kingfisher right after you pass the fire hall (3rd right after passing the cemetery) and left into unloading zone in front of church. The church is a big A-frame building with big multi-colored windows on the corner of Kingfisher and Albatross, right across from the Tony's Corner Store in Nechako Center. Parking is across the road at Nechako Center.

Saturday, November 17th.
Doors open at 4 pm, dinner starts at 6:30 pm.

For further information contact the Autocrat:
Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir at
(250) 632-6169

Please Note: The autocrat would appreciate if those planning to attend would let her know in advance with a general description of what they plan to perform (for scheduling purposes) i.e. song, poem, play, story, etc. Performing in groups is permitted.
Always in service to
The Kingdom of An Tir,
The Crown Principality of the North &
The Spirit of the Game,

Lord Tadgg h-=FAa Faelan of Clan MacNessa


Feast Of Frozen Hearts

Shire of Cold Keep, Prince George, BC
3595 Upper Fraser
Dec. 1st, 2001
Jack Frost and the Holly King are knocking at our door. Come join us for Frostbite and Kisses if you dare! Bundle up Alasdaire ;)

The Hall opens at noon....
site fee Adults $10 12-16 $5 11 and under free 2$ overnight fee...yes...we have the hall overnight so bring along your jammies, pillow, blankets and carouse with us into the wee hrs..and let your dragon hibernate under a soft blanket of snow. Bring along something to contribute for breakfast and we'll do the traditional Cold Keep Mass Breakie! Please bring a potluck dish to feed eight to ten peopleDishes to be in the time frame of 1400-1600.
Mundane last initial bring
A-M=3D Main dishes and bread
N-Z=3D Vegetables or snack trays
Visiting guests =3D desserts
Please bring your own feast gear and table settings.
Site discreetly wet...period containers only!

ARRRRGHHHH me maties....Rapier scenarios to take place this good frosty day.......and if ye did not guess will be a Pirate do what thou whilst with thine merry, be bold....but be ready for a good time. The list and inspection will be at 1 Sharp...and hopefully all will be ready by 1:30 or thereabouts to be killed.

Bring along a handmade medieval item...foodstuffs acceptable for the Auction...don't forget your doubloons. All proceeds to go to the cold keep treasure..arrghhh!

A gift exchange will go on for the little if you are bringing a small along....send along their name so we can let you know who your child gets to give a gift to be under 10$ or thereabouts. Magwen will be holding a bday party for her son that day..all littles welcome. Activities to keep them busy.

Medieval Hat or Mask competition......The theme be pirate.. WINTER.... ;) Entries must not have been in any other competition and must be handmade by the entrant. Prize to the best of the lot

Court will be held sometimes after dinner.
Later in the eve...we shall be having some crafting going on...
so try your hand at: Oragami, Celtic Knotwork and cardhouse building. The gaming box will be lurking about as well.

Autocrats for further information
Lady Iseabau MacDonald:
phone 962-6575 or 612-5333 (Kaedin's Celtichouse) 1-877-523-3467 Lady Brynn MacDonald:
phone 561-2830
HL Cerridwen Maelwedd
phone 963-9648 email:

The site is located at Malcolm Memorial Park. Just outside of Prince George, B.C. From the east travel on Hwy. 16 West, at the first set of lights before entering City of Prince George, turn left onto the Old Cariboo Hwy. Stay on this road till you get too Bendixon rd. then turn left. Go approxiamtely 1.5 Km, the site is on the right. From the South, travel north on Hwy 97. Turn right onto the Old Cariboo Hwy. towards Jasper, about 18 Km north of Red Rock (14 km south of Prince George), you go right past an Art Knapps Plantland. Travel about 5 km and turn right onto Bendixon Rd. Travel about 1.5 km, the site is on the right.
If coming from the North or West go towards the Airport and follow the SCA signs that will be posted.

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