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Black Quill

Issue 23
July/August/01 XXXVI
Shire of Ravensweir
Quesnel, BC

Rowan's Ramblins

Warmest greetings good gentles!
I hope that you are all enjoying the fruits of your summer labors.....mmmm veggies fresh from the soil come to mind.

Since the last newsletter, much has transpired. We're a permanent Shire! We're a permanent Shire! Clinton was a grand success....The whole site remained very period this year and our encampments were no exception. I have to send out a great loud "Huzzah" to those of you who spent your work week at the site toiling in the sun (what sun), the drizzle and the mud. You know who you are....the same wonderful people who bend their backs every year. More of us should take from your example (me included). Huzzah! to you, my friends. We're a permanent Shire! There were many awards handed out at the war and several of them came to our area. H.L. Cerridwen has been honored with another Goute de Sange. What do we call her now?!? Ladyladyshipship? :) Our neighbors to the south also brought home an AoA. Gunthor Thorenson is now a Lord. Congratulations to you both. My AoA was also presented at Court (oh what fun!!), minutes before we all stood before the King and Queen, as a group, to request recognition as a permanent Shire. Our request was granted!!! On the condition that Kalin duel the Kingdom Rapier Champion. Kalin showed courage and honor and fought a grand fight. He even achieved a kill!!! Huzzah to Kalin! And to Gwydion, our Master of Blade and instructor extroidinaire.

Carrion Dreaming (September 15) is coming up quickly and I am looking forward to seeing you all there.....and killing some of you as well.

I have started an informational group at Yahoo, called northernplayers. It is intended as a venue for the northern shires (both officers and general populace) to discuss events and instruction that we would like to see happen in our area. I havesent out email invitations to all that I have addresses for...if you have not received an invite, and would like to be included, please send me a note requesting to be added to the list or visit

Did I mention we're a permanent Shire?

Be well


I hope everyone has recovered from Clinton? Would someone remind me to print the "newbies pack list" in June next year? The Calendar will be a little fuller after the Seneschals (in their great wisdom) have sorted out the dates at Carrion Dreaming.

Sep 15-16   		Carrion Dreaming   		Scheck Farm
Sept 29/30  		Vinfest   			Vingaard
Oct 5-8 		Golden Swan   			Appledore
Oct 20 			Freeze-off   			Ramsgaard
Oct27/28  		St.Crispins   			Tir Bannog
Dec/08 			Yule    			Cold Keep
Dec 15 			Yule Tavern   			Ravensweir

(Please take the following article with a grain of salt - ed)

A Briefe History of the Codpiece
by Lord Samuel Piper

The codpiece has held a certain fascination, as well as other important items, for those of us in the Society for Creative Anachronism. It has been regarded with fear and ignorance by many men and a certain reverence by some women. This timely bit of scholarly research should help dispel the fear and ignorance. Any ladies having problems with the "reverence" bit will need to speak with me personally.

Many have assumed that the "cod" in "codpiece" referred to a fish. Because of modern slang usage, or perhaps due to total loss of touch with reality, some have assumed that "piece" meant a firearm. Such suppositions are as far from the etymological truth as can be imagined without rattan blow induced hallucinations.

In Middle English, "Cod" (or "Codd" in Old English, "Coddd" in Exceedingly Old English) meant "bag" or "scrotum", which led to some interesting moments when dining out at the Renaissance equivalent of Long John Silver's. "This is the tastiest codd I've ever had in my mouth" was a guaranteed show stopper, bringing about numerous jokes and a homicide or two.

The codpiece began as a flat piece of material covering an improvement in men's fashion -- a well placed slit. This new, "easy access" region in men's pants allowed men to relieve themselves while standing without lowering their pants. Soon after his technological breakthrough was coined the popular after ale phrase "Once more into the breeches."

The simple flap was buttoned closed, laced closed, tied closed, or occasionally glued closed after a particularly exciting night at "The Yellowe Rose Publick Howse."

The codpiece remained flat cloth for a number of years. While visiting England, Duke Fabrizio of Bologna, dressing hastily after a quick romantic interlude, used the flap to contain (or perhaps restrain) his nether parts while appearing before King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn. Queen Anne, amused at the Italian's conspicuous bulge, remarked "Be that thine codling or art thou glad to see me?" Of course, "codling" is 15th century English for either a "small, immature apple" or "any of several elongated greenish English cooking apples," so we may never know if the Duke's fruit was being ridiculed or complimented.

King Henry was very distressed by the whole business and assumed this bulge (from Middle French "boulge" meaning "leather bag" or "curved part", or perhaps "curved part in a leather bag") to be the latest Continental style in courtly fashions. He immediately ordered his codpieces padded in order that he not look out of date by comparison to Duke Fabrizio, commanding, "My codpieces must compare favorably to Bologna." Those tailors, very literal-minded fellows all, envisioned pork sausages and thus began the whole size contest that continues to this day.

To the Shirefolk and Seneschals of Cold Keep, Ravensweir, Tir Bannog, Gael Mathuin (Ca Mor), Griffins Gate, and Coill Mhor and unto the noble populace of An Tir;

Carrion Dreaming
Sept 14-16, 2001

The now full status Shire of Ravensweir and their former (and most appreciated) sponsoring Shire of Cold Keep welcome all to this event planning summit of AnTir's northernmost shires.

There will be a Rapier Tourney - Ravensweir's Champion and a Champion of the Day as well as an Archery competition.

There will be a contest for best codpiece construction (use your imagination) and there will also be several games of the harvest persuasion.

The site is primative but lovely with no mundane views at all. Water will be brought in and there is a biffy on site. Site fee is $3.00 per person, with a family max of $8.00. The site opens Friday, Sept 14th - 5pm and closes Sunday, Sept 16 5pm. Make cheques payable to SCA, Inc./Ravensweir.

Autocrats - Lady Sigrid Arden (Kathryn Stanley) (250)992-2123 PO Box 4142, Quesnel, BC V2J 3J2
The site is at Shecke Farm - 1 mile south of Kersley (which is just south of Quesnel BC) on Hwy 97 in Northern BC. There will be LOTS of signs.

Carrion Dreaming Rapier Tournament

Note to Competitors:

Ravensweir's Shire Champion will also be chosen by the results of this tournament. All those wishing to compete for the Shire Championship must meet Ravensweir's requirements. It is most common for Champions to attend three events in the year they hold the office, and command the shire's contingent of fighters in wartime (or appoint a proxy if champion is unable to attend or is unwilling to command... unwilling? Who the heck would be unwilling?) All competitors for the Ravensweir Champion must be members of the SCA - at this time proof of payment is acceptable.

Requirements to compete:
-Competitors must have a current rapier authorization.
-Competitors must have armour that meets minimum Kingdom requirements.
-Non-SCA members must sign waiver before competing.
-Armour and weapon inspection will take place at 10:00 a.m.
-Competition will commence at 11:00 a.m.

Special Rules:
-In some scenarios, the competitor is allowed to crawl as long as he/she has an arm to support him/herself.
-Extra combatants can enter the fray in some scenarios, but must still get eye contact with competitor, thusly "engaging" him/her.

-Competitors have the opportunity to win an extra point by challenging Gwydion, who is offering challenges to all. The challenge must be well thought out, or Gwydion will scoff at the challenge and deny you the opportunity (insufferable prat that he is.) So pick on his garb, his hair, his fighting prowess (or obvious lack thereof), or whatever you can think of as long as it is in the realm of good taste (we don't want to hurt the MIC's we?)

The Duel. (any time during the day, see scenario times to set schedule)
-All fighters must draw a name from a hat. That name will be that of another combatant.
-The fighter must then devise a reason to duel this individual (and it must be well-thought out, and in good taste, vulgarity is, well... vulgar.) The fighter must challenge the individual, and set a time for their duel.
-The competitors must have a marshal present at the duel (preferably two).
-If for some unexplainable reason either combatant does not show up for the duel, the individual who does show up wins by default.
-The winner of the duel gets 1 point.

Caught in the Act! (11:00 a.m.)
In a 20'x20' eric, a bed is placed with covers (possible parrying devices?)
-A member of the opposite sex is placed in the bed (fully armoured), and is given a dagger.
-The fighter must place his/her weapons within reach, but not in hand.
-The "spouse" of the fighter's paramour comes into the room and tries to kill the fighter.
-The goal: to escape the room. The combatant need not injure or kill his/her opponent, merely escape.
-Special rule: the fighter may crawl if legged, but only if he/she has an extra arm to support him/herself, and must drag the injured leg.
-Special rule 2: If the fighter takes too long, the paramour attacks with the dagger (the marshal of the match will alert the fighter.)
-The fighter gets 2 points for escaping without permanent injury (death) to him/herself or opponent, and only 1 point if he/she kills the spouse.

The Bridge. (12:30 p.m.)
-You have an important message to deliver to the King, and Two rogues await you on the only bridge for miles. You have a pistol with one shot, which you must use before engaging in melee with the rogues, after which you may use the pistol as a parrying device if you so desire.
-The rogues will be armed with single swords, the fighter with sword and dagger/pistol.
-The fighter gains 1 point for every rogue he/she kills.

The Brawl. (2:00 p.m.)
-While relaxing in a tavern, you and a companion are set upon by the Cardinal's Guard.
-You have to escape the tavern, or defeat the Cardinal's Guard.
-The Guard will number three combatants (drawn randomly), all armed with single sword.
-Competitors gain 1 point each for escaping, and 1 point each for defeating the Guards.

The Banquet. (3:30 p.m.)
-You and some companions are about to indulge in a marvellous feast. The problem is, you're all broke. The innkeeper wants his due, and you all begin to argue over who should pay.
-Your weapons lay near, but as soon as one of you touches a blade, the fight is on.
-The goal is to escape with as much food as possible, by combat, by guile, or by speed.
-The innkeeper is armed with a sword and attacks at random. Fighters gain nothing by killing an innkeeper... although they don't lose anything either.
-The only points you gain are for how much food you escape with:
2 points for the highest amount 1 point for a full tankard
The competition ends when the final duel is done for the day, or the sun sets. The Champion of the Day will be announced that night, and The Champion of Ravensweir will be announced afterwards. Well, that's it, hope we get plenty of new folks for me to stab... I mean meet.

Gwydion "That extra point yer gonna need" MacBairn Master of Blades, Ravensweir

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