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Black Quill

These are the internet publications of the Black Quill published by and for the members of the Household of Ravensweir of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and does not delineate SCA Policies.
Chronicler: Sarah Mariera,
Reprinting Policy - Except where otherwise stated, all articles in this publication may be reprinted without special permission of branches of the SCA Inc, subject to the following conditions:
1) The text must be reprinted completely, without additions or changes.
2) The authors name and an original publication credit must be reprinted with the text.
3) You must send a letter or email to the chronicler of this newsletter stating which articles you have used and in which publication the material has been reprinted.
All event copy and reports should be in by the last Sunday of the month.

Chronicler: Liam MacGowan
Webminister: Lord Rhoderic Maelwedd

Black Quill Issues
Issue 21, March/April/01, AS XXXV
Issue 22, May/June/01, AS XXXVI
Issue 23, July/August/01, AS XXXVI
Issue 24, September/October/01 AS XXXVI
Issue 25, November/December/01 AS XXXVI
Issue 26, January/February/02 AS XXXVI
Issue 27, March/April/02 AS XXXVI
Issue 28, May/June/02AS XXXVII
Issue 29, July/August/02 XXXVII
No issue for September/October was published
No issue for November/December was published.
A publication error casue us to skip to issue 31

Issue 31, January/February/03 XXXVII
Issue 32, March/April/03 XXXVII
Issue 33, May/June/03 XXXVIII
Issue 34, July/August/03 XXXVIII
No issue for September to February were published
Issue 35, March/April/04 XXXVIII
In lieu of the May/June issue, a booklet for Investiture was published.
Issue 36, July/August/04 XXXVIII
Issue 37, Spring 2005, XXXIX
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