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An Tir Order of Precedence and Roster
An Tir Recommendation Form
An Tir Roll of Arms
Avacal Rapier Directory
Birthday song (scastyle)
Cerridwen Maelwedd's homepage
Child's Elizabethan Closed Bodice Gown
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Garb*Age patterns and tips
Glossary of Heraldic terms
Gwydion MacBairn's page
Heraldry in Avacal
Historic Fencing Manuals
Historical Female Pirates
How to make an AnTir Rapier or Dagger
Lord Entropy's Armor and Leatherwork
Iron Wolf Armories
Journal of Western Martial Arts
Kendal bandgun site
Kingdom of AnTir
Lego Castles
Medieval and Ren Wedding page
Medieval Bath products
Medieval European Costume Links Page
Medieval names
Medieval Pavilion Resources
Medieval Times
middle eastern recipes
Mongolian Resource Page
Principality of Avacal SCA
SCA Humor
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Shire of Ravensweir
Stefan's Florilegium
Tattershall school of defense
The Great Dark Horde
Viking Answer Lady